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Avatar 3D (2009) BluRay 720p Half SBS 1GB




Release Date[…………………….]: 17 December 2009 (Indonesia)
Genre[…………………….]: Action | Adventure | Fantasy
Cast[…………………….]: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver
Quality[…………………….]: 3D BluRay 720p
Encoder[…………………….]: D’Kid
Source[…………………….]: 1080p DTS x264 – MUNK
Release Info[…………………….]: NFO
Subtitle[…………………….]: English



Notes: You should watch this 3D Half SBS on Your 3D TV, if You want to watch on Your PC download this software + serial number or You can download other player that can play 3D Half SBS

Download: Stereoscopic Player









27 Responses to Avatar 3D (2009) BluRay 720p Half SBS 1GB

  1. ehte92 says:

    You guys rock!! These Half SBS rips are so awesome to watch on 3D. Keep uploading these type of rips. :D

  2. rmoney says:

    how do you view these sbs videos? they don’t look 3d.. they just look like to two different images with one rendered a lil darker

  3. TJ says:

    ^^ you need 3D viewing hardware….i.e 3D TV or nvidia 3D VISION kit..damn

    thanks you guys for my request…love your rips…always and forever…:D

  4. shreya mittal says:

    i installed nvidia 3D version player..but wont work out on it too… what should i do now.. please help guys… :(

  5. Diby says:

    how to watch these on PC…….??

  6. Ejaz says:

    To view 3d movies on your pc
    1. Need 3d enabled/Supported Graphics card.
    2. Need 3d enabled monitor/Lcd/Led which is right now not available on india.
    But 3d enabled tv’s are easily found in indian markets who’s minimum range starts from around 50/60 thousands.
    I hope this info clears all your doubts :-)

  7. Sunny Yadav says:

    Nice 1 Team i was a regular downloader of this site…. I wud love to see more Half SBS 3d Movies Uploaded Here…. :) :) :) :)

  8. :D says:

    what about the Stereoscopic Player ??? which 3D viewing hardware is better? Nvidia 3D vision kit or stereoscopic player ??? :DD please help!

  9. shreya mittal says:

    shan if you upload all movies in half sbs 3D then we couldn’t able to watch it on pur PC… i tried alot bt cant help it… please help.. i always downld from urgrove..

  10. :D says:

    i googled bout watching 3D on PC… if ur PC doesnt have the Nvidia card or something like that, u cant view 3D.. plus, u need the glasses… =(

    anyone that downloaded Half SBS 3D managed to watch them 3D on PC? teach me how!

  11. mukesh says:

    hi shann can u pls upload the movi The Hills Have Eyes (2006) & The Hills Have Eyes 2 if you can in bbr rip

  12. nick says:

    here is what u do.. download the stereoscopic player 1.7.2(google it)..,
    install it, register it with the serial key
    drag the downloaded file into the player( open the file)…
    now from the file menu.. choose layout–>sensei Hi-Fi 3D
    it shud work….. with the red cyan 3D glasseson your PC,, hav fun

  13. :D says:

    so a 3D glasses is needed? So the stereoscopic player with the link provided in this webside doesnt work?

  14. sman says:

    what does the sbs stand for.. is this proper 3D as well?

  15. sman says:

    what does the sbs stand for.. is this proper 3D as well??

  16. nick says:

    its only a demo version… try downloading… the 1.7.2 version…
    it works…. yes u need red cyan 3d glasses

  17. paulo says:

    install sterescopic player and then watch it analgyph mode.. red cyan..

  18. Devil Dude says:

    Hey every one who is having problem then listen to me…..

    * You need to have a 3d tv or nvidia 3d vision kit with a 3d monitor to enjoy it
    * If you want a cheap option then first buy anaglyph 3d glases from ebay
    (glasses costs from paper Rs 50 to Nvidia 3d plastic Rs 300 i will
    Recommend to buy nvidia for great Experience)
    * Download http://www.mediafire.com/?56prc1a5d6u6exs and install it
    * If you are having problem with codecs then install K-Lite Codec Pack
    * If you want more better 3d You can download cyberlink Power dvd…

    No More Confussion guys ENJOY!~!

  19. ice_spider says:

    Download Stereoscopic player from here,no hazzale for 5 minutes,watch full movies without interuption.Trust me,just download and apply the patch.And enjoy it for lifetime..Tanveer Hossain,Bangladesh

  20. billy says:

    why are there 2 screens when watching the movie?

  21. billy says:

    why r there 2 screens when watching movie?

  22. Mahabub says:

    No More Confussion guys ENJOY!~!

  23. Price says:

    what kind of 3D movie this is ..? iss many 3D videos which gave Blur View in Normal Play … why this is showing 2 Picture View?

  24. balaji says:

    do i have to extract all 5 files to get a single file?

  25. Celestino says:

    Hi there. Please upload Avatar 3D again. I’ve been trying for months and months to get this, with no luck at all. It’s really important, and I’m really desperate now, I’ve tried all over… Please help…

  26. Celestino says:


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