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  1. mat says:

    plz,,,the triple taps…

  2. rohit says:

    when would u guys upload the movie:public enemies?????

  3. Siam says:

    Can u please upload A Nightmare on Elm street

  4. janc says:

    jackass 3d pls.. br copy .. thx

  5. mharif says:

    you have great collection, i always use it. now(request) can u upload—- Apna Sapna Money Money (2006).plzzzzzz

  6. pooja says:

    Please upload “Turning 30″ asap….please please :)

  7. Nikhila Pula says:

    how u ppl join the files?
    plzz reply.. !

  8. admin says:

    firstly downlooad hjsplit software http://www.freebyte.net/download/hjsplit.zip then join all filesisit http://mediafirehits.com/how-to-download-movies/ for more detail v

  9. Raj says:

    thanx yar 4 d movie plz upload ‘Good Will Hunting’ asap. waitin 4 it…

  10. amin says:

    Admin Bhai,
    I want to upload some movies, can you please tell me, how to do that? Expecting a positive reply…..


  11. rocky says:

    Hi friend plz post the movie “Jumanji(1995)” hindi dubbed dvdrip in 400mb

  12. Mohib says:

    Boss ! Where is Devdas movie? I have downloaded 2 parts bur now I can’t find this movie?

  13. jaz says:

    how can i download a full movie?
    i only download half of a movie,

  14. Dudeman says:

    Hi Bhai, much appreciate if u can upload G.I Joe : Rise of The Cobra , thanks :)

  15. with do apologize would you like to upload A MAN IN IRON MASK.

  16. mahi says:

    harry potter and deathly hallows in hindi

  17. Akshaya says:

    Really very very attractive web site for Movie

  18. Akshaya says:

    Pls Upload the Oriya Movie……

  19. nitingoyal says:

    plz upload the movie life in metro…….
    i m wtng…..

  20. Nish says:

    hey… thanks for all movies… i’ll appreciate if u can upload THE TEN COMMANDMENTS 2007 or 1956 movie… please please.. :))

  21. Nish says:

    can u upload THE TEN COMMANDMENTS 2007 or 1956 movie…

  22. shashank mishra says:

    you have grate collection but please……………………. uplod movie tum sa nahi dekha

  23. nilu says:

    How to get the bollywood movie Girlfriend

  24. abid says:

    plz add pakistani movie bahi loag plz

  25. Jason says:

    Hey Shan n Usama, i recollect downloading dark knight from urgrove. But now its not there. May be im wrong, but anyways can you please upload it. Any format will do. :) Thanks in advance.. :D

  26. Saurabh says:

    Can you Please please upload “turning 30″.please please

  27. smb says:

    Would you plz upload harry potter and sorcerer’s stone………??

  28. niranjan says:

    Please upload movie The Iron Monkey

  29. Head of State says:

    Please upload the 2003 English comedy film HEAD OF STATE directed, written by, and starring Chris Rock…

  30. Raj says:

    plz upload Japanese movie ‘Sky of Love’ and thanks in advance.

  31. a1 says:

    hey man , can u upload maximum hindi dubbed movies, always u upload maximum english, so yaar hindi ko avoid mat kar

  32. incikmimi says:

    Plz upload ’50 first date’ for me.. & also ‘romper stomper’… thanks..!

  33. hi urgrove com,
    i wanna request resident evil degeneration 2008 dvdrip or brrip version.
    thanks before

  34. deepika says:

    plz add twilight 2008 (first twilight movie) hindi dubbed movie

  35. m.abbas says:

    you have great collection and plz upload von ryan’s express (1965)plz plz plz plz plz plz

  36. martin says:

    cn u plzzzzzzzzz upload “bold” movie…………..

  37. vikas says:

    hey….brother…can v have… DEVDAS & jodha akbar director’s extended rip….

    plz plz plz//

    n thnks for supporting us

  38. rohith says:

    you guyzzzz rr rocking plz add the films within no time

  39. nomi says:


  40. Nirmal says:

    Can u plz upload Tamil Movies too. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  41. Faisal says:

    can u upload Uraan (Hindi) movie. Thanks

  42. t says:

    I think u guys need to upload a hell alot of more movies.. the collection is still nt that good…i will really reques you to add more movies…Most of the movies that u have uploaded aside from the really new ones i have already seen….

  43. Sam says:

    Hi Urgrove

    Please upload Milenge Milenge movie…

  44. Deep says:

    Ou dear admin, pls pls pls, i appeal to ur better nature, pls(1nce again)upload the movie “CLOSER(2004)” in brrip print.

  45. HABIB says:

    new film download problem why this problem?

  46. Shuvo says:

    can u plz upload ‘Pans Labyrinth (2006)’???
    i know u can….
    plz bro

  47. Shuvo says:

    n ‘No Country for Old Men’ brrip plz

  48. Omer says:

    Pink Panther !! please

  49. generallala says:

    can plz upload lock,stock and two smoking barrels

  50. amrita says:

    Hey Urgrove team,

    I have got some movies which i didn’t find in your movies list,i want to know can i upload them on your site. If yes then how?

    I also have few requests to make :-

    Sommersby(1993) {small size, good quality}

    Tron legacy (2010) {small size, good quality}

    The Rite (2011) {small size, good quality}

  51. amrita says:

    one more request:-

    TELUGU MOVIE -Anaganaga O Dheerudu (2011)
    {small size, good quality}

  52. bebekkecil88 says:

    can u upload film UP(2009) and ISland

  53. bebekkecil88 says:

    can u upload film UP (2009) and ISland

  54. anish says:

    hey hey hey i dont find hrry potter 7 in dvd rip yet plzz see what was happening to this site
    before 2 days (i Think) it was suspended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    upload sooon and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    i got spider man 4 in torrent but i do not find in ur site

  55. Subrata says:

    plzzzzzzzz upload Man In Black Movie all part in brrip version……………….

  56. umair says:

    please upload THE TALE OF DESPERAUX plz

  57. Lavish Bansal says:

    please upload both movies of prithviraj chauhan which are made from the serial of star plus.

  58. hariz says:

    dil to pagal hai plz!!

  59. preeth says:

    Would you plz upload freedom writers

  60. preeth says:

    can u upload the “Matrix trilogy” in BrRip
    and tom hanks “catch me if u can”, “terminal”…
    is kind of catchy…

  61. Colby says:

    Will u please upload yamla pagala deewana & my name is khan….. Please urgrove

  62. imran says:

    thax for all the movie..and that too such a nice print,.
    plz upload rocky part 1 2 3 etc…

  63. Rhed says:

    Hi can you please upload “The Green Lantern”


  64. priya says:

    great work guysss….plzzz upload “turning 30″

  65. abhinav says:

    simple…u just go to how todownload a movieon the home page of this site and u wil find a software there to download..

  66. abhinav says:

    simple…u just go to how to download a movie on the home page of this site and u will find a software there to download..

  67. abhinav says:

    plz upload “pearl harbour”……..plzzzzzz

  68. Dev roy says:

    plz the movie wishmaster, all parts

  69. Dev roy says:

    plz upload the movie wishmaster, all parts

  70. sourav pan says:

    plzz upload The Ten Commandments (1956) movie.

  71. dimarty says:

    can u plz upload bare footed kid, 1993 movie

  72. abhi says:

    plz upload kal kissne dekha

  73. Qazi Imran says:

    Plz Upload Scarface too..!!

  74. bennshukri says:

    please please please bro.. can u plz upload van wilder party liaison.. please please please please

  75. Luis says:

    plzz upload the movie ” Quatum of Solace”

  76. Luis says:

    I also want Ten Commandments

  77. Maxi says:

    can u please upload the movie ” Active Stealth”

  78. rakesh says:

    can u plz upload “the breed” dog movie plz,,,….

  79. Kabier says:

    I wanna request some movies…
    1. Josh
    2. Dhoom 2
    3. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

  80. Maninder Bhamra says:

    guyz….Harry Potter Series in Dual-Audio Brrip plzz…Step Up Part 1 & 2, Toy Story 1 & 2 was there on the list…now only 3rd part is there…plz reupload it soon….m waiting, plzzz..!!

  81. Saurabh says:

    Please upload the movie…”if only”…..

  82. Sammer says:

    Can u plz upload movie Prince of Persia ……………… thanksssssssss

  83. sourav says:

    isi life mein ar dvd rip upload plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  84. JediCounsler says:

    Please Upload Starwars from ep 1 to 6 … I know you guys can do it .. just make sure it is on dvd rip/br rip or in good quality … please I’m begging :D

  85. pawan mishra says:

    relly frind i am impress for
    your work.
    if u wanf help then contect me

  86. sam says:

    plz tel me some good documentaries based on facts.

  87. Rhaz says:

    you guys all awesome!
    provides me the full entertainment in a very cheap way!

  88. $h!baj! says:

    cn u upld THE GODFATHER’s all parts in hindi.
    plzzzzzzz m waiting

  89. Ashish says:

    Pls upload Mr. and Mrs. khiladi …..

  90. bhupendra patel says:

    plz upload tanu weds manu movies

  91. faisal says:

    plz upload final destination3d part 4!

  92. Mahi says:

    you can do it by a software usually named as file splitter….try to search it on google…it act both as a file joiner as well as splitter…..:)

  93. neeraj says:

    download the sf named 7zip to join the files

  94. owais says:

    can u please upload Just Like Heaven (2005)

  95. Jhon says:

    hey bro plz upload da movie 1.college and 2.nick and norahs infinitive plalist
    i m searching thus from many dayz

  96. LIONEL says:

    hi guys, its my 1st time writing here, just want to congratulate u guys on this GREAT work. Plz can u upload more korean movies? i would be very grateful

  97. subhendu says:

    Please up load brrip of Terenam,Tumbin,Dil He Tumahara

  98. Sameer says:

    Please, Upload the Hindi Movies with good dvd quality avi print at about 700MB.

  99. Sameer says:

    Please, Upload the Hindi Movies “Sandwich” with good dvd quality avi print at about 700MB.

  100. praveen says:

    upload the movie “ye sali zindagi”plz

  101. christine says:

    pls upload alice in murderland

  102. ansuman says:

    hi shan,
    Plz upload hindi dubbed BRRIP OF ROBOT.
    thank u.

  103. sarath says:

    requiem for a dream movie is not fully uploaded i guess.it is not getting played fully.kindly check and upload it fully.thanks.

  104. Ananth Vasist says:

    Could you plz upload BRRip of 2012 movie??
    Thanks in advance.

  105. Bamasis says:

    upload the movie “Leap Year” 2010 DVDRip…
    Thanks in advance.

  106. Bamasis says:

    Upload the movie “The Messengers[2007]DvDrip”..
    Thanks in advance.

  107. BOSS says:


  108. Zahid says:

    Plz upload dvdrip od harry potter 7 and tron legacy

  109. Zahid says:

    plz upload dvdrip of harry potter 7 and tron legacy

  110. Bamasis says:

    Upload the movie “The.Karate.Kid-2010″ DVDRip..
    Thanks in advance.

  111. Bamasis says:

    Upload the movie “Jennifer’s_Body_(2009)”DvDrip..
    Thanks in advance.

  112. mike says:

    plz upload korean movie “windstruck”

  113. Randhir Singh says:

    plz upload the movie khwaish movie

  114. ishani says:

    Please upload movie push

  115. mushnad says:

    u rock………..canu plzzz upload the brrip of these moviezzz…
    Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010)
    The Adjustment Bureau (2011)
    The King’s Speech (2010)
    The Eagle (2011)
    The Way Back
    Sanctum (2011)
    Drive Angry 3D (2011)
    Fast Five (2011)
    Cowboys & Aliens
    Neds (2010)
    I Am Number Four (2011)
    Elektra Luxx (2010)
    The Green Hornet (2011)
    True Grit (2010)
    green lantern 2011
    Rabbit Hole (2010)

  116. cas says:

    *I LOVE you* :D thanks for all the uploads

    Sherlock Holmes is down
    could you do v for vendetta and spirit(stallion of the cimarron)
    thank you :)

  117. chicku says:

    can you upload three musketeers 1993

  118. Ac says:

    Hey mate can you please upload some good english comedy movies and fight club
    great website bro

  119. shahbaj says:

    please upload the movie DIL JALE.

  120. janc says:

    pls upload the diary of wimpy kid ” rodrick rules”


  121. hi…. shan and Usama this is a great collection of movies………. but can you upload “Dil Chahta hai”. I have downloaded 4 parts of the movie but it has been removed from your list. So please upload it again……
    I’ll be waiting for your response.
    Thanks in advance………

  122. kumaranish says:

    plz upload alpha and omega.. the file is not available here

  123. patel says:

    no country for old men brrip dual audio plzzzzzzz

  124. adeel says:

    chheck out the heading

  125. rai mazhar says:

    bhai plz upload indian wanted film

  126. Raheela says:

    I want a movie
    The Last Song :(
    Plzzzzz Upload it ..

  127. Adeel says:

    But I Need
    And The Chipmunks Brip
    Alvin And The Chipmunks 2 brip
    pls upload soon i hope u will do it

  128. Ishti says:

    Please upolad this muvi:

    James Bond – Casino Royale (2006) BRrip 1080p

  129. narender says:

    plz death race 2 part

  130. narender says:

    but hindi dubbed

  131. Noman says:

    please upload Zindagi Khubsoorat Hai 2002
    and Yeh Dil 2003

  132. cinto joseph says:

    pls download

    get him to greek

    sex and city

  133. cinto joseph says:

    pls download

    Guilt by Assocation
    Good Night, Sweet Wife
    Ghosts of Missisisippi
    Guilty Hearts
    Gracie’s Choice
    Gone in the Night

    all are true stories

  134. cinto joseph says:

    all movies below are true stories pls download

    thanx for ur concern

    Love, Lies, and Murder
    Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story
    Legacy of Sin: The William Coit Jr Story
    Like Mother, Like Son
    Lies He Told
    Lean On Me
    Locked in Silence
    Lethal Vows
    Lies of the Heart: The Laurie Kellog Story
    Murder Between Friends
    Murder of Mary Phagan
    Murder in the First
    My Neighbor’s Keeper
    Murder or Memory (A Moment of Truth movie)
    My Son is Innocent
    My Son Johnny
    Murder in New Hamshire: The Pamela Wojas Smart Story
    Moment of Truth: One Child Too Many
    Murder at 75 Birch
    Mother Knows Best
    Murder Ordained
    Mockingbird Don’t Sing
    Murder in the Hamptons
    Murder on Pleasant Drive
    Murder of Innocence

    Nightmare in Columbia County
    Not Our Son

  135. cinto joseph says:

    ( all movies below are true stories)
    Deadly Matrimony
    Dead by Sunset
    Death Benefit aka “Justice for Annie”
    Double Jeapordy aka “Victim of the Night”
    Dead Before Dawn
    Deadly Whispers starring Tony Danza
    Deadly Vows
    Desperate for Love starring Christian Slater
    Deceived by Trust
    Deep Family Secrets
    Deep in My Heart
    Death in Small Doses
    Desperate Journey: The Allison Wilcox Story
    Dangerous Evidence: The Lori Jackson Story
    Deadly Relations
    Deadly Intentions and Deadly Intentions…Again
    Disappearance of Vonnie
    Deadly Honeymoon
    David (1988) starring Bernadette Peters

    Element of Truth starring Donna Mills
    Empty Cradle

  136. ali says:

    plz upload narnia in hindi all 3 parts m waiting

  137. NIL says:

    plz upload srk’s DON movie…….plzzzzzzz

  138. Arun says:

    can u plz upload “the marine” starring john cena…plz plz plz

  139. Rai Azhar says:

    plz upload movie DON SRK.

  140. Azmain says:

    Plz upload ‘the caine mutiny’, and ‘the man who shot liberty valence’

  141. cinto joseph says:

    great jobbbbbbb

  142. raqq says:

    The only one in your list that I got to view was…murder in the first.
    The rest are not available in this site nor in torrents.

  143. raqq says:

    Dude you were saying “pls download”, and I’m trying to find those movies in your list to download but they are not in here..
    Perhaps what you were trying to convey is for URGROVE to UPLOAD those movies not DOWNLOAD it.

  144. raqq says:

    Say “Please Upload”..not “Download”…hmmmpppttt!

  145. jeet says:

    Pls Upload the Oriya Movie……

  146. jeetu says:

    Pls Upload the Oriya Movie……

    plz plz plz plz plz

  147. vijay kumar says:

    please upload “taare zameen par” hindi movie,
    thanks for this maintaining site.

  148. tarun says:

    plz upload alibaba and forty thieves animated movie.

  149. Anshuman says:

    Please Add Hindi Movie ” HAM TUM” & “VEER ZARA” …….. Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz ..

  150. Junaid says:

    Thanq for uploading Spykids……….i love urgrove.com………………

  151. fazli says:

    can you upload discovery Channel also on this website. i think a lot of people totally agree with this =)
    thank you

  152. Mohamed Shanoon Ibrahim says:

    can somebody upload train

  153. Naibur says:

    Can some1 please upload/share the movie Hangover Part 2?

  154. bharath says:

    plz upload dragon wars movie…

  155. Andy says:

    Doing a great job buddy!
    I was just gonna ask if you could upload a movie called “The Blind Side” its 2009 with Sandra Bullock
    Cheers mate

  156. shahzeb says:

    can u play the movie kambakht ishq

  157. chevy says:

    can u please upload

    The Matrix 1 – 3


  158. adi says:

    cn u upload goal n jumanji movie plzzz??

  159. Surya Mukherjee says:

    can u upload all the episodes of tv serial :
    1) Spartacus : god of the arena
    2) Spartacus : blood and sand

  160. Pranav Ajith says:

    can u please upload – the proposal [2009] –
    it is available on http://www.300mbunited.com

  161. qwa says:

    Fadi started spamming. Don’t post his recent encodes.

  162. Umer says:

    please upload,Get Him to The Greek… I would really appreciate it,,thanks.!

  163. jay says:

    can you please upload hindi movie TAXI NO. 9211 in good quality…

    thanxxx :)

  164. jay says:

    plz upload as early as possible…plz.

  165. Ashok Sahu says:

    Please download hindi pictures brrip.

  166. Haider says:

    Plz upload Downfall (2004).
    The Counterfeiters (2007)

  167. pvk1992 says:

    Lord of the rings collection please.

  168. rohail says:

    Hi Usama or Shan plz help me out here can you please tell me how to convert blue ray in to dvd cause all my fav movies r in blue ray and i can’t watch em’ … Thanks so much in advance ………

  169. aragon says:

    please upload “let me in (2010)”

  170. janc says:

    pls upload the diary of wimpy kid:rodrick rules in brcopy,,


  171. aragon says:

    Soul surfer.
    Please upload this new movie

  172. ken says:

    can u please upload BAD BOYS II ??

  173. Asad Arian says:

    Plz upload movie crook

  174. yogesh bansal says:

    thanx for making a site like this…
    now can u please upload my name is khan…

  175. yogesh bansal says:

    plz upload kaminey..

  176. fahad says:

    guyzzz please upload the video

    Fast Five (Fast & Furious 5) 2011

    i am w8ing thanks

  177. SRX says:

    Please can you upload the film fireproof…

  178. Sujon_cox says:

    Sniper: Reloaded (2011) BRRip 600mb
    Download link Error on MediaFire, Please Help me.

  179. Hayder says:

    Thanks for your extraordinary efforts, keep it that way God bless you!

  180. Ashish says:

    Hey upload “Watchmen”…Its no where on net…if u upload it u’ll be the only one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. Ashish says:


  182. vinay says:

    please upload the movie Iron man1 and Iron man 2

  183. shehzad says:

    Best Site For Smaal size and Best quality movie……

  184. coco says:

    please upload the tempest 2010……………..

  185. rohail says:

    can you plz upload some new kidzmovies dvdz ……..

  186. kungz says:

    plz upload lucky number slevin.. :)

  187. gopmadan says:

    guyz.. can u please upload final destination 3 and 4….


  188. Pranav Ajith says:

    please upload watchmen 2009
    – superman-batman public enemies
    – green lantern : first flight 2009
    – a nightmare on elm street 2010
    – elektra 2005
    – daybreakers 2009
    – robin hood 2010
    – dexter episodes – (non hd/less mb)
    if not available can u at least send me hi speed free download liks to these movies…

  189. Sagar says:

    please upload hum hai kamaal ke, hum kisise kam nahi, don no.1(hindi), meri jung-one man army(hindi)..

  190. dMuttaqien says:

    Thank you very much for the movies that you upload
    I really enjoyed it

  191. sam says:

    plzzz upload the animated movie RATATOUILLE…

    n bulk of thanks to u , u guys doing great job… this is the only site through which i can watch movies in hostel …fuckin admin has blocked torrents…. i love the video quality of movis

  192. sam says:

    hey please post TROPIC THUNDER .

    n thanks for ur efforts

  193. cas says:

    V for vendetta
    Princess Mononoke
    Spirit stallion of the cimarron
    Fantasia 2000
    and any of the disney 2D movies (tarzan, bambi, 101 dalmations, Treasure Planet, ect.)
    and this is a weird one but could you do episodes on here too? like avatar
    thank you :)

  194. Amjee says:

    Download the “simple file joiner” and join the file by using this software.

  195. Amjee says:

    Can you upload tamil movies please

  196. Deivigan says:

    Hi can you plz upload the movie called “In Good Company(2004)”….

  197. Amjee says:

    can upload “Green zone” brrip plzzzzzz

  198. khan21 says:

    plz upload harry poter in hindi

  199. khan21 says:

    plz upload harry poter 7 in hindi

  200. khan21 says:

    plz upload harry poter 7 in brrip in hindi

  201. imi says:

    plzz upload BOURNE film series movies

  202. Jack says:

    shakespeare in love

  203. Abuzar says:

    Please upload movie “your highness”

  204. Nikita says:

    Please upload the movie: The Passion of the CHRIST [FULL MOVIE] With Subtitle. Please, Please <3

  205. ma_cha says:

    ip-man plz…
    transformers 2 plz…

  206. map says:

    awesome movie “red dragon” please upload in dual audio

  207. Samar says:

    Species all parts plz

  208. rohail says:

    can you please upload percy jackson the lightning theif the dvd thanks so much……

  209. tonu says:

    can anyone plz tell me,what is the problem???
    the holiday.school of rock & hancock are not playing….:( :( :(
    with lots of interest i dwnload those movie bt when i see they are not playing really i feel so sad. :( :(
    please fixed the problem,plz plz plz..
    and many thanks for ur nice movie collection.

  210. sarath says:

    VIVAH movie with subtitles please.

  211. ABHIJEET says:

    please upload fast five in dvd quality…

    and 1 request is plaz upload all the english movies with it subtitle…

  212. Amjee says:

    please upload the Battle Los Angeles 2011 720p BRRip, Im waiting for a long time to watch this…..

  213. paramvir says:

    please upload basic instinct 1&2. thanks

  214. paramvir says:

    waiting for it

  215. tulay says:

    plz upload PAA hindi movie

  216. Ali says:

    Dear I download Movie ( AFTER SHOCK ) here but i cant find it now? can you please upload the movie (AFTER SHOCK ) so we can download? Hope you reply

  217. abhishek ramesh says:

    please upload source code(brrip)

  218. ahmed raza atif says:

    i like thiz site.becz this is very very simply to download to movies.

  219. yahya says:

    will u plz uplod “tere bin ladin”

  220. conall says:

    2012 please :D

  221. heroegodai says:

    i’ll really do appreciate if u guys share “he’s just not into you”
    im dying to see the movie

  222. mon says:

    would you plz upload the movie ”the blind side” ? appreciate ur work. great job….:)

  223. abhi says:

    guys……..plz plz upload ‘FAST AND FURIOUS 5′ BRRIP

  224. joker says:

    please upload garfield 2004 in 720p and garfield 2006 in 720p..thank you..need that a.s.a.p.

  225. qwa says:

    nitro sucks!!!

  226. Jhon says:

    shan bai plz upload da hindi movie mp3(mera pehla pehla pyaar) and english college movie
    i did before bt u didnt get any response hup dis tym i ll gt ma reponse

  227. GAURAV says:

    free download here

  228. Nandu says:

    please upload rogue assassin

  229. Parth says:

    atleast dvdrips of rio and fast and the furious 5 plz..

  230. yahya says:

    Plz! upload Movie “X-Men First Class” 2011

  231. ram says:

    plz send crash2004 part 3 password

  232. shan says:


  233. Jay says:

    Pls upload doomsday 2008

  234. Jay says:

    pls upload doomsday 2008 720p bluray
    be a 1st person

  235. pari says:

    plz upload this movie…. (The specialist)

  236. Dazza says:

    Dirty Harry brrip please and magnum force brrip
    Thank you

  237. H.Lalbiaksanga says:

    I love this site …. keep it up and all the best… thanks for everything you upload….

  238. nigesh says:

    please upload Lara Croft Tomb raider movies series

  239. owais says:

    plz tell me how can i download

  240. owais says:

    tell me how can i download

  241. seitentaisei says:

    please upload fast 5 dvdrip or brrip please :D

  242. Azhar says:

    Plz Plz upload movie ALL THE BEST

  243. please upload source code 2011. from the following link —–


  244. rizal says:

    can u upload malay movie,kl gangster

  245. jewel says:

    pls some one upload movie sucker punch..brrip..mkv..please…i really wanna watch that movie…

  246. sharath says:

    hey good site guyz!!!!!!!1

  247. Aninda says:

    plzz… Upload ‘Dus’

  248. abhishek ramesh says:

    please upload the french connection

  249. abhishek ramesh says:

    pls upload scream 4 brrip

  250. tiraf says:

    great site though ~

  251. Anshuman says:

    Plz Upload ^^^^^TELUGU^^^^^ muvie


  252. cupute says:

    could you, please, put “Radio” a 2003 american-football movie into your list, bro?

  253. lars says:

    plz upload ready(hindi ) 720p
    & Shaolin Soccer

  254. Aneeqa says:

    plz plz plz upload coraline! :(

  255. Bibin says:

    i love this site it’s awesome to get cinemas for about 300 to 400

  256. Congrats for such a great site and keep up the work dude..

    Can you please upload these three movies:
    1) No strings attatched
    2) Up
    3) A lot like love

  257. umer says:

    please upload fast five Br Rip,,,,,, thank you very much…..:D

  258. James says:

    Admin, Please Upload “The Time Machine (2002) BRRip”

  259. James says:

    Admin, Please Upload “Mission to Mars (2000) BRRip”

  260. Paras says:

    hangover series????

  261. rudzir says:

    hi guys,i know you’re the best ripper ever and congratulations to both of you and i alwayz follow this site everyday and i think this site should stay for a long time, i love this site..it’s awesome…i hope you can do a favor for me..can you upload “THOR” and “THE MIRACLE WORKER”…it’s should be GREAT for me if you can make it…BEST FOREVER GUYZ:-)

  262. Dani says:

    Is there the same program to join the files but for MAC?

  263. kunal says:

    will u upload basketball dairies

  264. atik says:

    this is great web ever i saw>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  265. bala says:

    pls..sm1 upload fast & furious 1 2 4

  266. atikul says:

    pls….pls…..upload the jeppers crepers 3…thank you

  267. shan says:

    lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Not yet released

  268. roh says:

    pleeezzz upload harry potter and the order of the phoenix

  269. haris says:

    plz plz plz upload dil kabaddi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  270. ehmed eli says:

    bro plz plz plz plz upload these two movies

    1. the dudesons

    2. meri jung 1 man army

  271. Sujon_cox says:

    Please upload Hindi Movie “Ready” DVDRip or BrRip.

  272. umer says:

    waiting for fast five,,please upload it my friend..!!

  273. where is the Pakistani BOL movie
    plz upload
    waiting for ur responce

  274. janc says:

    pls reupload diary of a wimpy kid 2 : rodrick rules. asap

    -thx :D

  275. H.Lalbiaksanga says:

    i need sub

  276. khurram says:

    plz post a Major Sahib (1998) indian movie…

  277. Amjee says:

    Thor(2011) brrip plzzzzzzzzzzz

  278. sanjay says:

    plz add cars 2 in hindi

  279. cnaj says:

    pls,pls,,pls,,pls re upload diary of wimpy kid 2: rodrick rules in brrip..


  280. plsssss upload DELHI BELLY……..

  281. Deedag says:

    i got this website from my friend which made me too much rejoiced to download movies in a fast and furious manner.

  282. Ajay says:

    please upload the jaanwar movie
    akashy kumar

  283. Ajay says:

    jaanwar movie
    akashy kumar

  284. cat says:

    Final Fantacy Movies BR Rip please

  285. siva says:

    use hj split to join the files

  286. siva says:

    thaks for your uploads…

  287. aashish says:

    Hi Guys….You are doing a great job… Keep it up….Just wanted to say thanx for all the movies I have dwnloaded from here…I have even forgotten the counting…
    Have fun and take care…..

  288. upendra says:

    hey ,its very simple,just download a HJsplit software,then add ur file in it,then it ll be automatically get join..!

  289. upendra says:

    hey ,can u upload (TERE NAM).

  290. zom says:

    pls upload american pie..all if possible.

  291. zom says:

    hary potr and the order of pheonix…pls plx plz

  292. ajay says:

    guys plz upload kung fu panda 2 BRip………

  293. ajay says:

    yeah i need that too…

  294. Rahul says:

    Dil Chahta Hai please in BR rip with 1080p

  295. Ninad says:

    plz upload kurukshetra in mkv format……..

  296. Afzal says:

    plz upload Elite Squad 2 (2010)……………………..thnx………………

  297. Afzal says:

    also war movies too……………………all the great ones………………..

  298. peng says:

    pls upload the twilight saga break of dawn& monte carlo

  299. ROCKSTAR says:


  300. catty says:

    Hello guys
    please uploud pirates of the caribbean 4 ful HD / BRRip

    Thank you so much ♥

  301. Nikesh says:

    HEy shann…help me with a film named apoclyapse 2011…desperately want this movie….

  302. spongebob lovers says:

    I would like to request the movie “Spongebob squerpants: Red Mist” … ..
    pliss … ..!
    because once see the movie in urgrove.com
    but really now not there anymore … ..?
    if want to send back to the FB I just wrote …. :

  303. Wyne says:

    Hi there,

    Could you please upload “City of Angels (1998)”?

    Thank you so much :)

  304. mark says:

    please re-upload batman begins BRRIP,superman returns BRRIP and thor BRRIP

  305. Gaurav says:

    Plz upload Transformers 2011 3D BRRip. Thanks.

  306. jake says:

    can you do Final Fantasy VII Advent Children and Last Order: Final Fantasy VII? thanks :)

  307. namrata says:

    plz upload Vampire diaries complete episodes of season 1 and 2.thanks.

  308. Nima from Iran says:

    please upload saving silverman (2001) and southern comfort (1981)

    Thanks alot

  309. Nikesh says:

    please upload the movie THE LAST SONG of Miley cyrus…please…

  310. Zahid says:

    if u can give IMDB rating infront of movies in movies list. it will be a great help in deciding which movies to download first


  311. rupon says:

    please upload bollywood movie rehna hai tere dil mein 2001
    this is my favourite movie

  312. sam says:

    BR Balto Movies please :D

  313. Gaurav says:

    If possible try to upload District 13 ( part 1 )

  314. Dana says:

    What is the meaning of brrip, dvdrip, ts ….. and all those abbreviations?
    Can some one explain plz

  315. terra says:

    Lion King in 3D if you find it :D

  316. Rahul says:

    is there ny possibility that i can watch .mkv movies in my dvd player (tv)..? or i have to convert them into avi formate..?

  317. sam the man says:

    is there ny possibility to upload pink floyd the wall 1982 if u may

  318. Saad says:

    can u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz upload BOL movie plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  319. ROCK says:

    plz plz upload hanover-2, tansformer-3 and POTC-4
    IN blueray rip or DVDRip pleasssssssss

  320. al amin says:

    download ”hjsplit” software. click ”join” and give the loc of ur desire file. it is very easy………try

  321. al amin says:

    where i will find TELEGU movie??? can anyone help me plz…………….

  322. al amin says:

    is there any TELEGU movie in this site??? plz help me out……………

  323. @@Krish@@ says:

    Please upload “Hattrick” (2007)

  324. md says:

    pls upload harry potter n deathly hallows part 1 n 2 in hindi dubbed,small size with good quality like blu ray.

  325. @aka$h!!! says:

    pirates of carribean on stranger tides plzz

  326. bedanta says:

    can you please upload ONE MISSED CALL movies….hope you respond to this post..thanks urgrove..:)

  327. patch says:

    plz upload fast five brrip & x-men 1st class brrip

  328. Abhi says:

    Hy can you please upload finding Forrester and gran torimo thankzz :)

  329. umarali says:

    pirates of the caribbean 4 in hindi in dvd or hq plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do that

  330. SURAJIT says:

    I HAVE HOW CAN I UPLOAD,,,???????

  331. gyana says:

    thanks for all the pictures,,this is my best site for english pictures

  332. mobeen says:

    dear plz upload van_helsing & all underworld parts

  333. hi admin guys please upload to mediafire
    Iron Man 2 (2010) 576p BRRip 6CH 800MB MKV
    a lot thanks

  334. sumit says:

    plz upload bollywood hindi movie KHAP

  335. SPOTLIGHT says:

    Could you find a movie called HIGHWAY TO HELL with Rob Lowe & Gilbert Gottfried? It was only released on VHS.

  336. Bleep says:

    7ZIP can join *.001 files.

  337. SUNNY says:


  338. hi guys this is awesome sites,
    could u please..please upload to mediafire:
    Harry Potter Parts 1-7 576p BRRip 6H [7x800MB] Jcberry526
    thanks before

  339. Parry says:

    WHERE IS Quarantine?? O: O:

  340. ehte92 says:

    Buddy could you please upload “Juno”. Thanks.

  341. sajid says:

    Dear admin… plz uplod Eagle Eye (2008)

  342. Sudeep says:

    Plz upload wrong turn all parts

  343. sajid says:

    Admin plz upload “Speed Racer” (2008) in brrip………

  344. shorya says:

    plz upl0ad fast five

  345. tyagikuk says:

    Plz upload John Cena movies

  346. Golam Gous says:

    can i have one movie name splash, its a mermaid movie , please post it either in hindi or english

  347. vimal sharma says:

    plz upload kung fu panda 2in dvd rip hindi plzzzzzzzzz

  348. sajid says:

    Dear Admin plz upload “the forbiden kingdom” in Blueray rip……

  349. afsar says:

    plz upload new moon movie in english/hindi high quality………!!

  350. ashi says:

    thx u very much for movie………………………………luv u

  351. mushnad says:

    plzzz upload Pride and Glory (2008)

  352. azhar says:

    hey some one please upload rush hour 2 and 3 movie please please mannn
    i want this movie in hindi or english

  353. ashi says:

    thx …..for the day…………….

  354. ashi says:

    very2………………thax 2u……………..

  355. ashi says:

    plze download………….the movie sorce code…………..part2&3

  356. abhishek says:

    please upload Winter’s Bone.

  357. afsar says:

    plz upload dehli belly hd print…!!

  358. Abhisek says:

    can i just friendship with you.

  359. Plz upload hindi movie maile krade rabba

  360. Plz upload hindi movie Mail krade rabba

  361. RAzib ibad says:

    plz upload hindi movie Mail krade rabba

  362. ashi says:

    plze…………………………downloade the movie……thx

  363. Rohan says:

    Excellent work guys….

  364. Marz says:

    please upload The bounty hunter. thanks

  365. ashi says:

    plze……………downloade ……movie

  366. shanks says:

    thanks 4 the great movie link..but it will be nice if u make for a zombie movie..4 example,day of the dead..zone of the dead n many more..thanksss

  367. Wally says:

    Dear Admin,
    I kindly request whether you could upload the movie “Star Wars” ( all 6 )
    I’m a huge fan of Star Wars trio so please let me know :)

    Thanks & *Hugz*

  368. rizwan azad says:

    request please upload movie valley of the wolves iraq 2006.thx

  369. ali says:

    plz upload silver hawk

  370. rizwan azad says:

    request please upload movie congo1995.thx

  371. Muhin Ahmed says:

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II
    Captain America: The First Avenger
    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
    X-men: First Class
    Super 8
    Fast Five

    upload this in brrip

  372. mushnad says:

    can u plzzz upload no country for old men (2007)

  373. mushnad says:

    plzzz upload THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY [2007]

  374. ashi says:

    thx………………….. for …………………..movie 2 downloade

  375. Sumit says:

    can you upload GOLDENEYE +Dual audio +1080p +HDTV with mediafire links.
    Please reply on this post as “GOLDENEYE uploaded” so that i can download it.

  376. john says:

    Please upload the movie Public Enemies (2009). Pleaseee??

  377. Spen says:

    Dear admin

    please upload jackass: the movie, jackass number two and jackass 2.5 in brrip!
    I would be grateful if you upload these movies!!

  378. murli says:

    Philadelphia & Stargate pls !!!

  379. Anurag says:

    Hey Admin,The links for the movie Hackers(1995) says the mediafire parts do not exist.Could u plz reupload them??

  380. shahab says:

    shan bhai bol movie dvdrip print may upload karda me waiting……

  381. midhuna says:

    chetta, pls upload some jet li old movies. brrip….. plsssssssssssssssssss

  382. rohan says:

    how to join the downloADED files plz tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  383. shan malik says:

    join with hjsplit software

  384. MAINAK says:


  385. Usman says:

    hi ashi

  386. Murli says:

    Pls upload Independence Day, Stargate & Philadelphia

  387. GOjurai says:

    Please upload deep in the valley

  388. thanks for upload the movie all your movie is high quality i love its thanks man

  389. Muiez says:

    Plz upload How to train Your Dragon in 1080p

  390. Falcon says:

    bro, if u can.. plz upload Mr.Popper Penguins .. in brrip of course ..
    :D :D
    and.. a big thx from my family .. for ur hardwork.. uploading all of this film..

    keep up the good work dude. .. :D

  391. Umer Zamir says:

    Please Upload HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART-2 in BRrip or Any Best Video result than TS or CAM. :-) I will be very thankfull to u. Plz

  392. Masoud says:

    Please upload ” Vanishing Point (1971) ” BRip or Any Best Resolution Video.thnx alot.

  393. Umer Zamir says:

    Please Upload DRAGON HUNTERS animated movie in Brrip. PLEASE

  394. Rohan says:

    hey you used my name who so ever it is never do this again….

  395. kashif says:


  396. john says:

    Where is hangover 2?? Upload that first please, Thanks.

  397. scrooge says:

    plz upload “congo” by bluray.

  398. Muhin Ahmed says:


    Super 8

    Green Lantern (2011)


  399. vignesh says:

    can u plsss upload ………

    Into The Blue………….

  400. berry says:

    dear sir,please upload STAR WARS..thank you,salam..

  401. Paras says:

    hey…can u pls upload the movie “mistress of spices(2005)”?


    mediafire links pls..


  402. Aisha H says:

    can u please put on apollo 18, ??? PLEASE?? THANKS!!!

  403. john says:

    C’mon upload more movies please!!

  404. john says:

    Upload this movie back please, File is removed

    >>>>>>>>Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

  405. Malik says:

    PlzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzz upload Goal (ENGLISH)…………… plz plz plzzzZZZzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! :'(

  406. izhar khan says:

    come on man upload the new movies its been ages since its released
    The Cars2
    Kung Fu Panda 2
    Transformers 3
    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows part 2
    and more…

  407. Ethan says:

    PLZ. upload 30 minutes or less(english)

  408. Rohan says:

    shan bhai yrr plzz upload mere brother ki dulhan yr plz jaldi

  409. Sujon_cox says:

    there is many problem in movie link, i am waiting for download movies 1) Red State & 2) Zindagi Na milegi dobara, but movie link deleted, please solve the problem as soon as.

  410. mushnad says:

    plzzz upload A Separation (2011) -http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1832382/

  411. manju says:

    please upload the movies:
    3,Forever mine

    thanks for brrip

  412. santes says:

    can u just upload Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011) 720p

  413. mushnad says:

    plzzz upload brrip of my My Blueberry Nights (2007)

  414. Please Upload “THE HANGOVER-2 & KUNG FU PANDA-2″ in BRrip. Please. This will be very kind of you.

  415. Jason says:

    Dear admin, can you please include click-able imdb links??

  416. isfahan ahmed says:

    hey its a humble request to jst upload the
    Contagion (2011)
    Little Children (2006)
    Cruel Intentions (1999)
    shall be extremly gradfull… hope u jst ur eye on it…

  417. deepak sen says:

    i want the roti kapda makan movi

  418. onidro says:

    thnx …..

  419. KelLviN says:


  420. Saadi says:

    hello.. u are going much better than others.. :)

    plzzzzz upload these movies a.s.a.p u get them:

    1.) Cars 2 (2011) DVDRip / BRRip
    2.) Kungfu Panda 2 (2011) DVDRip / BRRip
    3.) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 (2011) DvdRip / BrRip

    i hope that u’ll be the 1st one to upload these.. :)

  421. sonal says:

    hey…, pls download kurbaan… plssssss

  422. sanjib says:

    post badsha hindi flim of sarukh …………….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  423. arani says:

    hey its superb website n i really njy using it ! n my request is plz can u upload korean movies with english sub titles ….. lik few movies i can name … 100 days with arrogant , sassy girl, love so divine ….

  424. Dery says:

    please “another earth 2011″
    thank u :)

  425. John says:


  426. iha_adam says:

    bro, pls upload “lords of dogtown” starring heath ledger.
    i’ve been looking everywhere for this one, but no success.
    pls bro… i really want it.
    TQ & peace

  427. AMIT NANDA says:


  428. Shubhi says:

    Plz upload Rules….

  429. saurabh says:

    how am i get code for download movie by media fire link

  430. Steve says:

    could u guys please upload the movie ” SUING THE DEVIL”. Would really love to see it. Thanks a million

  431. Aryan says:

    could u pls upload rush hour all the three parts…..
    pls upload it.

  432. zahid says:

    plz download these three movies:salakhain,dil jale and baabarr

  433. iha_adam says:

    hi shan, tq for this great site.
    could u pls upload MONSTER’S BALL?

  434. sam says:

    Please…please upload Hangover 2 in BRRip and…

    Johnny English Reborn in BRRip..

    Please upload these movies admin..Thank You.

  435. shan bhe rocky movie upload karo
    plz plz plz

  436. Amjee says:

    Please upload HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2 brrip, Im waiting for a so long time… buddy

  437. MAINAK says:


  438. abhishek ramesh says:

    pls upload harry potter and the deathly hallow-part 2 brrip

  439. Dreamoll says:

    plz upload hindi dubbed movies highly rated by imdb

  440. jj says:


  441. Ajit says:

    Cool website. Thank you urgrove.com. Luv ya..

  442. Dk jangra says:

    pls upload SO CLOSE 2002 movie

  443. Shubhi says:

    please upload Matrix………….

  444. Shubhi says:

    as well as serenpidity……..

  445. raj says:

    can you upload ELIZABETH – THE GOLDEN AGE in bluray rip version…Its a A.R.Rahman background score. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0414055/

  446. Menn's says:

    can u upload, 2008, My Sassy Girl (English ver.) and My Sassy Girl, 2001, (korean ver.)

  447. Zain says:

    someone please upload the hangover 2…. its not available there with a good print.

  448. arash says:

    please,please,please upload The Mechanic (1972) 720P and Telefon (1977) 720P . Tanx

  449. Sam says:

    can you please upload Jurassic Park film series…

  450. Andy says:

    Can u please upload the movie GOOD LUCK CHUCK

  451. ashi says:


  452. ashi says:

    thanks for very god movie 2downloade….

  453. ashi says:


  454. rajat says:

    can u upload ‘Pyaar ka punchnama, in bluray.. the one u previously uploaded is not in good quality, now it is available in bluray on torrent but size is around 4gb so plz upload it in below 1gb size

  455. ashi says:

    nice movie………….thx

  456. ashi says:

    verry 2 thx dear……………………

  457. saurabh says:

    can u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz upload movie money ball. of brad pitt..????

  458. ashi says:

    we thx 2u……………………….

  459. ashi says:

    very thankfull……..

  460. push says:

    bhai upload bht kam ho gaye h.. ache animated movies dalo plzz.. aur ache movies jo apne abi tk ni dale h…

  461. Umer says:

    Please Upload “Wedding Crashers & Aliens in The Attic”. Please Please Please

  462. ashi says:

    happy dwali 2allof u…………………thanx

  463. ashi says:


  464. Zain says:

    Please upload the the Blu Ray print of “The Hangover 2″.

  465. khan says:

    Plx upload the Indian movie “UMRAO JAN ADA” 2006.movie from Bollywood.

  466. qaasim says:

    plz plz upload “Tum Bin…” in Dvdrip………..Thanks

  467. adeel says:

    plz upload harry poter deathly hollows part2 in hindi dubbrd

  468. shiraj says:

    please ” scary movies 4 ” give

  469. masroor says:

    plzz upload harry potter all parts 1 to 7 hindhi dubbrd or main part deathly hollows hindhi dubbrd upload plzzz

  470. masroor says:

    plzz upload harry potter all parts 1 to 7 hindhi dubbrd or main part deathly hollows 2 hindhi dubbrd upload plzzz

  471. Sachin says:

    hey pls upload movie CHINA GATE ……

  472. Sachin says:

    plsss uploAD movie CHINA GATE ………

  473. Raj421 says:

    plz upload good will haunting
    its a fab movie

  474. Raj421 says:

    plz upload good will hunting in hindi

  475. Bharadwaj says:

    Please Upload the movie cocktail(1988)

  476. sam says:

    please upload johnny english reborn.

    i have been waiting for a month now.

  477. mohneesh says:

    please upload Aparichit movie in BRip print please its a humble request …

  478. praveen says:

    pls upload ROCKY 1,2,3,4,5 brrrip shan bai, thx

  479. as says:

    dOES aNYone have Lady and the tramp Movie??
    Even Robot (Animation) Movie!?

  480. Malik says:

    bhia plz upload Goal(english) in DVDrip……… m beging u since very long time………!! plzzzZZzz plzzzz plzzz…………….!!

  481. zdfdg says:

    crank 2 upload

  482. josiph says:


  483. REAPER says:

    please upload Rogue Assassin on brrip or dvdrip

  484. Monghabar Mishra says:

    Hey Shan, Please upload X-Men -First Class again…. All the links have been deleted and the files are no longer hosted.

  485. prashant says:

    can u please upload Radio(2003) movie which is a movie of foot ball coach and mentally retarded assistant

  486. Rohan says:

    shan bhai plz upload khuda ke liye shoaib mansoor movie in brrip

  487. TikTok says:

    First of all… Fantastic Site, just love it!!
    Can someone please upload the Homeward Bound movies. There are two, the incredible journey and Lost in the city.

    Thank you!!

  488. H.Lalbiaksanga says:

    The front line – Korean movies pls upload …. pls if u can upload korean & Japan movies latest i’ll be very happy… keep it up good work….

  489. awesome website.. great collection of movies. :)

  490. pharaoh says:

    pls make different lists for hollywood & bollywood movies as soon as possible.

  491. vaibhav says:

    please please please upload 21(2008) in english language in 1080p blue ray (1920*1080)subtitles if possible
    i m giving u torrent link
    upload it with uptobox/putlocker or other links . just download & upload !
    a heartcore thanks to u if u upload this movie

  492. vaibhav says:

    shit:( this movie is in 720p.i request u in 1080p…

  493. leksmana says:

    plz upload the conjuring

  494. shaz says:

    anybody know other sites like urgrove..?

  495. faisal says:

    please upload movie percy jackson & SEA OF MONSTERS….THANKS

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  497. Nasim says:

    Movie List is not working.

  498. mishi says:

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  499. Amir says:

    Movie Name: Waar (2013)
    IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1821700/
    Movie Quality: Up to 380p

  500. Kelvin says:

    please please please… AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movie Quotes.thank you.

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